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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the lacrosse season?

Practices will typically start each year after the Thanksgiving holiday week.  Most teams practice twice per week in the evening and there may be weekend practices in December.  Games will start in the middle or end of January and will be played through April.  Any playoff games will happen in late April or early May if the team advances.

  • Can I register my child to play lacrosse for any age group if he/she has never played before?

Yes, we have teams for boys grades K-8 and girls grades 2-8 and all experience levels.​ 

  • What other Houston-area teams do you play in games? 

Clear Lake, Sienna Plantation, HYLAX, Katy, Kingwood, Houston Christian, Memorial, Pearland, Woodlands

  • How often do the teams practice? And is practice mandatory?

2U/4U: 1-2 days per week, 1 game per week.
5/6 and 7/8: 2-3 days per week, 1-2 games per week

Practices are not mandatory but play time could be affected if practices are missed.  At the older more competitive teams, practice is required and game play time will be determined based on multiple factors, including practice attendance.

We consider team practices as an important time to bring the players together to work as a unit.  Coaches expect players to practice stick skills at home in addition to team practices.

  • Are the rules for boys and girls the same?

NO. The boys and girls play with different rules, differently sized fields and different protective equipment.  For more information on games rules, please refer to our governing body: Greater Houston Youth Lacrosse Association at

  • How do you assign players to teams if you have more than one team for each age group?

For the first month of practices, coaches will be evaluating players’ skills, experience and team needs.  If there is more than one team in an age division, teams will be split into a developmental team and a more competitive/playoff eligible team. The developmental players may have the opportunity to move to the competitive/playoff eligible team as needed during the year based on player performance and skills.

  • What is the difference between the developmental and competitive teams?

Some age divisions will have an “A or B” team designation for scheduling and team experience levels.  The “A” team is playoff eligible and is made up of more skilled players that will be playing against teams who are of equal or higher skill and experience level. The “B” team designation is intended for a developmental group of players who may have less experience and are better suited to play against other developmental teams in the GHYLA organization.  Coaches do their best to place players on the appropriate team level to foster a positive experience in the sport.  It is our intention for all players to learn, improve, and mostly importantly, have fun!

  • Do I get to keep my uniform?

Yes, all players keep the uniforms you purchase.  FYLAX will do its best to honor jersey # requests but we cannot make any guarantees that players get their # choice.

  • What volunteer opportunities are there in FYLAX?

For the most part, our non-profit organization is run by hard-working volunteers.  There are many opportunities to volunteer with FYLAX.  As such we ask 3 hours of parent volunteering per registered player.  Please contact any board member for more information.

  • Whom do I speak with if I have a concern with a coach?

Coach TJ Bensen is the FYLAX Athletic Director. Please contact him first regarding any coaching issues. If he is unavailable or you need further information within a specific age division, division managers are available to assist you.  

  • When are games played?

Most games are scheduled for Saturday or Sunday mornings or afternoons. In the event of rainouts and field availability, games may have to be moved to weekday evenings.  We will give teams as much notice as possible. 

  •  Are there sponsorship opportunities?

Yes!  There is a sponsorship packet available on the website.